Erin Andrews Peephole Tape Continues to Stir the Web

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Erin Andrews peephole video, first revealed last Friday, has been a continuing source of media attention, blame, speculation, and angst. It's the story that just won't go away.

Admittedly, it's one of those stories that everyone has jumped all over. Not only has the media jumped on it, it's clear from the fact that search queries for the Erin Andrews peephole tape or similar terms continue to be in the top 5 every day. The fact that virus writers jumped on the bandwagon as well just goes to show how "big" the story is.

Realistically, the Erin Andrews peephole tape (I've seen it) is grainy, and hardly worth the time. The photos leaked by various media outlets are just as grainy. If Erin Andrews hadn't, via her lawyers, admitted to the legitimacy of the video, it would be hard to be sure it was her.

Some are even pointing the finger at both ESPN and Erin Andrews, as though they had something to do with the peephole tape. For example, USA Today sports reporter Christine Brennan posted the following tweets, which raised hackles:

Women sports journalists need to be smart and not play to the frat house. There are tons of nuts out there. Erin Andrews incident is bad, but to add perspective: there are 100s of women sports journalists who have never had this happen to them.

Unfortunately, the only thing that brings to my mind is "huh?" It's not as though Andrews ended up drunk somewhere and that's how the video resulted. Brennan later backtracked, saying in another tweet:

Time to address mini-firestorm. "Play to the frat house" is a term I use in speeches, for all women to avoid.

I'm still thinking "huh?," wondering if Brennan wants Andrews to avoid hotels with peepholes.

On the other hand, the NY Post (remember that they are now banned from ESPN, based on their leaking Erin Andrews peephole tape pictures, not the video) said:

NO one would have known that a sick voyeur had secretly videotaped ESPN reporter Erin Andrews nude in her hotel room, if the Mickey Mouse sports network hadn't sent a letter to an obscure Web site demanding that it take down its link to a fuzzy video of an unidentified blonde. The video had gone largely unnoticed since it first went up in February, according to a girlie-posting site,

Now that's interesting, but still, why blame ESPN and Erin Andrews? The sicko who posted this needs to be caught and prosecuted for posting the peephole tape, and according to Andrews' attorneys, he will be. Can we move on to newer stories now? Heck, there was a perfect game just yesterday!

Perhaps I am just asking for too much.

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