Controversial Lil Monkey Doll Removed from Costco

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I doubt that this doll was produced with the intent of racism, and for once I believe the assertions that it just didn't occur to the manufacturer that this would be an issue, but still, use a little common sense, will you? A doll with a headband that says "little monkey" might be a problem if the doll is black.

After all, the term "monkey" is has been used by racists to denegrate African-Americans in the past. In this case, the monkey didn't even refer to the black baby doll, either. It was related to the fact that the doll was shipped with a plush monkey. Still, this is an obvious unfortunate use of the term.

The product is a doll called "Cuddle with Me" manufactured by BrassKey Keepsakes. It's the headband that caused the controversy.

Mary Gustaff, CEO of Brasskey Keepsakes, said the company not only apologized for the mistake, but that the thought of the doll being un-PC never occurred to them.

"It's so unfortunate because now it's being portrayed as a purposeful act to be disrespectful and that's not true. We really apologize. We don't think in that way. We don't operate in that kind of thinking. We have a really diverse family-operated company that's been around for 28 years. What would we have to gain for heaven's sake?"

For once, I believe this person. I don't believe politicians who try to say they don't know the term monkey is racist when applied to an African-American, or other such nonsense, but in this case, I truly believe this person.


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Fact of the matter is that the black doll was ONE of THREE dolls in the series to have the money costume but it seems that no one is bringing up that issue. (The other being white and the third being Hispanic) While the term monkey is still used as racial slur today, people are acting like the black doll was the only one to wear to costume and that the entire monkey concept was meant as an insult.

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