Seven Found Dead in GA Mobile Home

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In Brunswick, GA, Glynn County Police say multiple people have been found dead in a mobile home with two additional children critically injured. The mobile-home park was the New Hope Plantation mobile-home park in northern Glynn County.

The two children have been flown to Savannah, GA for medical treatment. Local Brunswick news notes only that seven people were found dead, in what they termed a "dispute."

However, police are currently treating the case as a homicide. They added that there have never been as many victims at one crime scene in the history of the Glynn County, at least as far as the spokesperson knew.

Police found the bodies after responding to a 911 call shortly after 8 AM, it was reported. The coroner pronounced the victims dead at 10:30 AM. Police would not elaborate on who made the call or whether it came from one of the victims.

It's unclear if a suspect or suspects have been identified yet. Police are reticent to give additional details as they are still actively investigating the crime scene.

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