SC GOP Candidate Holds "Machine Gun Social"

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First of all, it's an assault rifle, not a machine gun. Secondly, while yes, we have Second Amendment rights, I fail to see why any private citizen would need an AK-47.

Dean Allen, a GOP candidate for South Carolina's Adjutant General (S.C. is the only state to elect that post), held a "machine gun social" on Saturday. Allen, 58, of Greenville, said the "machine gun social" was his way of celebrating the Second Amendment as well as showing solidarity against gun-rights opponents.

Approximately 500 people showed up Saturday at the Allen Arms Indoor Shooting Range (owned by Frank Allen, unrelated to the candidate). Some paid $25 for barbecued food and ammo to take target practice with the weapon of their choice. The sweepstakes was included at no extra charge.

Lisa Flaugher of Pickens said she came to the event at the Allen Arms Indoor Shooting Range to support Allen and try to win the AK-47, because "I want the gun for target practice."

These people know very little about the AK-47. While reliable and easy to manufacture because of its loose tolerances, that same fact also makes it a pretty inaccurate weapon.

At any rate, Dean Allen said, "I like to tell people I'm not the country club conservative, I'm the machine gun one."

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