Sammy Sosa Skin Condition Attracts Attention

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Sammy Sosa and his wife, Sonia, were in Las Vegas recently for the Latin Grammy Awards. However, what caught the eye of viewers was not his (or her) clothes on the red carpet, but Sammy Sosa's skin.

The lightness of his Sammy Sosa's skin made some wonder what happened to the former Major League Baseball star. He's noticeably lighter than in previous years.

The obvious thought upon looking at Sammy Sosa's skin is vitiligo. There's no cure for the skin ligntening disease, but there are treatments and cover-ups. It's possible, in fact, that Sosa is aerning make-up in the pictures that have attracted all the attention.

Ironically, one of the treatments for Sammy Sosa's skin, if in fact it were vitiligo, would be topical steroids. Steroids are generally only effective during the early stages of the disease. The problem, of course, is the fact that they are supposed to be topical. Perhaps Sammy erred in his use of steroids, and used injections instead?

Naturally, that would be a good excuse for Sosa's steroid use. Honestly, no one would believe Sammy Sosa's skin condition is a real reason for injected steroid use.

Is there some other possible reason for Sammy Sosa's skin condition? Of course, but here's how vitiligo is described:

Patients with vitiligo develop white spots on the skin that vary in size and location. The spots occur when pigment cells, or melanocytes, are destroyed and the pigment melanin can no longer be produced. Melanocytes normally occur throughout the skin, as well as in the hair follicles, mouth, and eyes. In vitiligo, pigment cells can be lost in any of these areas. Common sites of pigment loss are:

  • Exposed areas: hands, face, upper part of the chest
  • Around body openings: eyes, nostrils, mouth, nipples, belly button, genitalia
  • Body folds: arm pits, groin
  • Sites of injury: cuts, scrapes, burns
  • Hair: early graying of hair of the scalp, beard or other areas
  • Area immediately surrounding pigmented moles
  • Back of the eye

Vitiligo is a somewhat embarrassing disease for those afflicted. Besides a possible explanation for Sammy Sosa's skin, it was also used as a reason for the bleaching of Michael Jackson's skin. One treatment for those afflicted is to totally bleach their skin so at least the appearance is even over their body.

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