Woman Played Public For Boobs To Get Breast Implants

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There are many who, without health insurance, cannot afford to pay for their own breast cancer treatments. 24-year-old Trista Joy Lathern was such a person, she said. Too bad that the whole thing was just a scam.

Trista Joy Lathern told people that she had no health coverage, but that she needed money to treat her breast cancer. In August, more than 100 people showed up at the Waco, TX Hog Creek Icehouse Saloon to participate in an all-day benefit to raise funds for her. Raise funds it did, to the tune of $10,000.

However, rather than showing the scars of a mastectomy, Trista Joy Lathern showed up with something else. She showed up with a larger set of breasts.

Rather than needing breast cancer surgery, it turns out that Trista Joy Lathern played Waco, TX residents for boobs. All she needed was breast implants.

According to police, the implants cost $6,800. It was a clever, clever scam. Lathern told everyone, including her husband, that she had cancer. She even went so far as to shave her head to make it appear that her hair had fallen out as the well-known chemotherapy side-effect.

While the scam was clever, Trista Joy Lathern was not so clever. She went to a local plastic surgeon, asking to have her breasts enhanced. The surgeon who knew of the benefit for cancer treatment, and thus was suspicious because Lathern never mentioned cancer. He passed the information on to his attorney, from whence it eventually reached the local sheriff. Meanwhile, authorities say that Lathern went to another plastic surgeon in Austin, TX and underwent the breast augmentation.

Repercussions are already being felt. Local residents have said they will look at such benefits dubiously in the future. Local radio stations, which heavily promoted the benefit, also stated they will have to vet such info before promoting benefits in the future.

Chief Sheriff’s Deputy Randy Plemons said Trista Joy Lathern will enter a plea at a court hearing (yet to be scheduled). He said, “We’re still trying to collect information on what victims were involved in this event so that we can get a complete restitution list."

Written by Michael Santo
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