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Rachel Uchitel Claims She's Cheating With Tiger Woods

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As the fallout continues to drift downwards from the Tiger Woods car accident which happened early Friday morning, word has emerged that prior to the accident Woods and wife Elin Nordegren had an argument. While unclear, both confirmed this to authorities, which lends some credence to this story in the National Enquirer: apparently Woods has been cheating on his wife with actress Rachel Uchitel.

Of course, Rachel Uchitel has been cheating with other folks as well, which leads to the conclusion that maybe she just wants 15 minutes of fame. For example, in October, she claimed to be having an affair with "Bones" star David Boreanaz.

Additionally, Rachel Uchitel, pic above from Facebook, didn't give the Enquirer the story herself. The Enquirer said that "a friend of hers" told the unreliable tabloid: "Rachel told me, ‘I’m having an affair with Tiger Woods. We’re in love!’ She even read me text messages Tiger sent her that said ‘I love you, babe. It’s always going to be just you and me. They were constantly sexting."

Now, some may look at everything the Enquirer reports as made up, but those folks need to remember the Carol Burnett lawsuit. Since Burnett won her lawsuit against the tabloid, they have been much more careful with their sources. That doesn't necessarily give this report that Tiger Woods is cheating on his wife Elin Nordegren the seal of the truth, but it does mean something.

At any rate, as time passes, more details about the Tiger Woods car accident will arise. As the superstar golfer he is, and with the supermodel Elin Nordegren as his wife (and two kids with her), people are frantic to find out more, loading up search engines with queries about Isleworth, Florida, an elite subdivision where Tiger Woods house is located, as well as information about he and his wife.

The National Enquirer does get a lot of information wrong, but it also gets a lot of information right. For example, let's not forget how they outed John Edwards' affair. Tiger Woods may or may not be cheating on his wife, Elin Nordegren, with Rachel Uchitel, but you can expect a lot more information in the next few days.

Written by Michael Santo

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