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Alleged Tiger Woods Mistress Rachel Uchitel Denies Affair As Enquirer Shoots Back

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Alleged Tiger Woods mistress Rachel Uchitel has publicly denied any affair with the World's number one golfer. Despite this, the National Enquirer, which first printed the story about Woods and her, has said it knows of "a slew of contradictions" between Uchitel's denials and their report. Meanwhile, Uchitel has hired high-profile celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred to represent her, as people continue to troll for Rachel Uchitel pictures.

It is unclear why Uchitel has hired Allred. Is it because people continue to refer to her as the alleged Tiger Woods mistress (sometimes leaving off the word "alleged")? Alternatively, is it because she plans to sue plenty over copyright infringement for all the Rachel Uchitel pictures showing up on the Web?

The New York Daily News reports that the alleged Tiger Woods mistress has strongly denied even known Ashley Samson, the friend who reportedly outed her affair with Woods to the Enquirer. In fact, in a Facebook mesage to the News, she even called Samson "Simpson." At least she spelled the first name as Ashley, rather than Ashlee, to avoid confusion with the singer.

However, the Enquirer has Samson and Rachel Uchitel pictures as the two struck poses on a recent vacation they took to Spain. Those pictures, available around the web, seem to belie any claims by the alleged Tiger Woods mistress that she doesn't know Simpson.

More evidence seems forthcoming, as the New York Daily News also reported that a Griffin Club source told them that Uchitel was seen with Woods at the Griffin Club in the Meatpacking District in June. No Rachel Uchitel pictures with Woods from that event, however. The unnamed source stated that she was acting as a hostess and the two did not appear to be flirting.

All this attention over Rachel Uchitel pictures and Tiger Woods mistress talk stems from the Woods car accident that occurred on Friday at 2:25 AM. Reportedly, Woods crashed his 2009 Cadillac Escalade into both a fire hydrant and a tree. When police arrived, wife Elin Nordegren was hovering over Woods. She had broken out the back window of his SUV with a golf club to help rescue him.

Meanwhile, however, various reports indicate that they first argued before he tried to drive off. It is unclear if it the argument was over Rachel Uchitel pictures or Tiger Woods mistress rumors, which have been circulating for some time. After the accident, according to one story, Nordegren went back to the house after hearing the accident to get the club. A different story, however, states that she had been carrying the club and hammering his car with it after the accident. That could carry a domestic violence charge, if that were the case.

The police have indicated they are considering the incident a car accident for now, but they have not yet interviewed the couple. They also indicated they plan on releasing the 911 tapes, perhaps as early as today.

Written by Michael Santo

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