Details Emerge In Lakewood Police Shooting

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Details have begun to emerge in the Lakewood police shooting that took place earlier today at 8:15 AM on Sunday morning. Four police officers, three men and a woman, were "ambushed" at a coffee shop in Lakewood, which is in Washington state, 40 miles south of Seattle and 10 miles southwest of Tacoma.

The word ambush has been attributed to the Lakewood police shooting as the four officers were sitting in the coffee shop, with their laptops, planning the day's shift when a gunman entered and shot them to death. There was no attempt at a robbery. No employees of the Forza's coffee shop, one of a chain of 21 in the Tacoma area, were hurt.

The Lakewood police shooting gunman is described by one witness as a "scruffy-looking" African-American, somewhere between 5'7" and 5'10", in his 20s or 30s. He was wearing a black jacket over a gray hooded sweatshirt, and blue jeans. A $10,000 reward has been offered for information that leads to his capture. Police have tagged as evidence a white pickup truck in a grocery-store parking lot nearby.

The officers were in uniform, complete with bulletproof vests. Police indicated that given the evidence, it appears the Lakewood police shooting was targeted, and an "execution." Two of the officers were shot while still seated. A third was shot while attempting to rise to confront the gunman. The fourth officer fought with the gunman "all the way out the door" and managed to fire his weapon several times before succumbing to his wounds, Pierce County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Ed Troyer said. It is unclear if the suspect was hit by any return fire.

The deceased officers in the Lakewood police shooting are from one patrol unit, including a sergeant. There were three male officers and one female officer from the Lakewood police, and while their families have been notified, their identities have not yet been released.

Due to Lakewood's location, it's possible the Lakewood police shooting suspect may be headed to Canada, north of the border. As such, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have offered any assistance necessary. RCMP spokeswoman Cpl Annie Linteau said “It is a tragedy. We’ve also offered them resources, should they be required. Air services, police dog services or manpower. We have made our members aware of it, and cautioned them that until whoever is responsible for this tragedy is caught they should be very vigilant and careful."

The founder of the Forza coffee chain, Brad Carpenter is a retired police officer, and said this incident is close to home. The Lakewood police shooting took place at one of his 21 stores. A motive for the Lakewood police shooting is still unknown.

Written by Michael Santo

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