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Warrant Pursued For Tiger Woods Medical Records

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Rumors of domestic violence, perhaps pertaining to an alleged Tiger Woods mistress, surround the Tiger Woods car accident that took place early last Friday morning. New reports indicate that police are attempting to gain a warrant to look at Woods medical records to determine if his facial lacerations were from an accident, or an assault.

The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) released the Tiger Woods 911 call yesterday. However, that call confirmed little, except that as reported, by the time authorities arrived Woods was on the ground with wife Elin Nordegren hovering over him.

At issue are conflicting reports and some damning obvious evidence. It has been reported that either Nordegren, hearing the accident that occurred at 2:25 AM Friday morning, looked out and retrieved a golf club to break out a window to reach Tiger Woods. An alternative report has been circulated is that instead, Nordegren pursued Woods with the club, causing the accident. Speculation has been that the pursuit and argument were because of the Tiger Woods mistress story.

Additionally, the airbags in the 2009 Cadillac Escalade that Tiger Woods was driving never deployed. This would indicate that he was either driving less than 33 MPH, or that they were defective. Despite this, Tiger Woods had facial lacerations and was taken to the Health Central Hospital, where he was treated and released.

Police hope to determine forensically, or at least, theoretically, from the medical records, if the lacerations were from the accident itself, or domestic violence. Police have not managed, to this point, to speak to the couple, although they have attempted to do so three times. Police have also indicated that they want to stay out of any "Tiger Woods mistress" talk, and focus on the incident.

Previously, however, police indicated that the investigation is ongoing and that "charges could be pursued." It's unclear if they were speaking of possible domestic violence, or DUI. TMZ has previously indicated that Woods told a friend that he was taking prescription medication for pain, which could be consistent with a DUI.

Written by Michael Santo

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