Heisman Trophy Presentation 2009 Brings A Surprise

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Five Heisman finalists, and only one could be the winner. As the Heisman Trophy Presentation 2009 rolled onto ESPN, the questions would be who would it be? Would it be the favorite, Texas QB Colt McCoy? Would it be Stanford RB Toby Gerhart, who won the Doak Walker award earlier in the week? Would it be 2007 winner Tim Tebow? Would Alabama's RB Mark Ingram be the first Crimson Tide player to win? Or would it be true dark horse, nose tackle Ndamukong Suh of Nebraska:?

Ndamukong Suh of Nebraska seemed like an afterthought. As a defensive player, his odds were not good. Tim Tebow had already won once, so would he be overshadowed? He also lost his chance at another national title when Alabama beat Florida last Saturday.

Meanwhile, Mark Ingram was one of two RBs at the Heisman Trophy Presentation 2009, yet he was not the one who had won the Doak Walker award as best RB in the nation. That honor went to Stanford's Toby Gerhart, who led the nation in rushing and TDs with 1,736 yards rushing and 26 touchdowns.

Finally, at the Heisman Trophy Presentation 2009, there was Texas QB Colt McCoy. His best statistic was his wins as a starter. Some feel his 45 wins will never be eclipsed. Yet, he was also second all-time with a 70.3 percent completion percentage and fourth all-time with 14,815 total yards.

Still, despite all that, the Heisman Trophy Presentation 2009 winner was a surprise, though not a huge one: it was Mark Ingram, RB from Alabama. He thus became not just the 75th Heisman Trophy award winner, but the first ever for Alabana. During the 2009 season, Mark Ingram totaled 1,542 total yards and 15 rushing touchdowns. He also caught for 322 yards and three touchdowns.

It is still strange to see Toby Gerhart win the Doak Walker award and have Mark Ingram walk away from the Heisman Trophy Presentation 2009 with the win. Several Doak Walker award winners have gone on to win the Heisman Trophy award. Gerhart may have been hurt, as is normal, by being on the West Coast. In fact, Gerhart lost to Ingram by only 28 points.

Certainly, there were no finalists who were not worthy. Will Mark Ingram have a successful NFL career? There have been several Heisman award winners who were busts as NFL players. Mark Ingram is also the third straight sophomore Heisman winner.

The Final Tally for Heisman Trophy Presentation 2009 is as follows:

Mark Ingram, 277 1st place votes, 1304 points
Toby Gerhart, 222, 1276
Colt McCoy, 203, 1145
Ndamukong Suh, 161, 815
Tim Tebow, 43, 390

It is somewhat surprising to see Tebow so far down the list. It might be a foreshadowing of what many analysts have said: he does not have the tools to be an NFL QB, and his numbers were inflated by a gimmicky Florida system. Time will tell.

Written by Michael Santo

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