Alaina Reed Hall, Rose From 227, Dead at 63

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It has been a bad week for Hollywood. Alaina Reed Hall, who played Rose from "227," has passed away, reportedly on Dec. 17th. Earlier today, in a shocking event, actress Brittany Murphy was reported dead of cardiac arrrest. Hall was 63.

227 was a 80's television sitcom. It ran from 1985 to 1990. Alaina Reed Hall had been battling breast cancer.

Prior to her stint as Rose on 227, Alaina Reed Hall spent several years on the children's television show "Sesame Street" as Olivia. Olivia was Gordon's younger sister.

Interestingly, Alaina Reed Hall met her husband-to-be while playing Rose on 227. It was Kevin Peter Hall, the 7′2″ actor who portrayed Harry in "Harry and The Hendersons" and the Predator in the movies of the same name. He guest starred as Rose’s love interest on 227 and in 1988 the two began a real-life relationship. Eventually, the couple married. Sadly, Kevin Peter Hall passed away in 1991 from complications of AIDS contracted through a blood transfusion.

Alaina Reed Hall continued to act until her death. She guest-starred in several TV shows, such as "A Different World," "Friends," and "Ally McBeal." She was also featured in the documentary "Breast Cancer Examined: An African-American Perspective."

She was married a total of 3 times. Her first marriage produced two children, but ended in divorce. The second was to the aforementioned Kevin Peter Hall. At the time of her death, Hall was married to Tamim Amini.

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