Many Restaurants, Fast Food, Pizza Places, Liquor Stores Open on Christmas Day 2009

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It is one of those questions that always comes up. Will my favorite restaurant be open on Christmas Day 2009? Christmas Day is one of those holidays where most things, such as restaurants, fast food, pizza places, liquor stores, are all open. This differs greatly from Easter Sunday, where almost everything is closed.

In fact, a lot of retailers are open on Christmas Day 2009, as they are trying to make up for the blizzard conditions that shut down Super Saturday last weekend. That means more stores, more shopping, and more need for a restaurant to relax in after a long day of bargains.

Most fast food restaurants are open on Christmas Day 2009. Or rather, the chains are definitely open. McDonald's for one, is definitely open, although the restaurants tended to open later than normal for each location.

If you want some java, Starbucks is definitely open as well. Of course, it truly depends on your exact location. If you want to be sure if your local Starbucks is open, give them a call.

Once again, most pizza places are open on Christmas Day. That said, it's once again the chains that you can pretty much count on being open. Places like Round Table, Pizza Hut, and the like will probably be open, but once again, your mileage will vary.

Of course, quite a few fancy restaurants will be open on Christmas Day, but those will likely be booked up, as well. There is, of course, the desperate location that will always be open.

We are talking about 7-11. In reality, not all 7-11s will be open, but most will be, as franchisees who do not stay open 24x7 and 365 days a year do not, reportedly, get as good a deal. If you really have to, they will have something to eat, and definitely something to drink.

At any rate, restaurants, at least fast food restaurants, will be open on Christmas Day 2009. Your local, non-chain eatery, perhaps not, but if you look at a chain, and particularly a major nationwide chain, it will almost certainly be open, though perhaps with reduced hours.

Written by Michael Santo

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