How To Send Haiti Earthquake Relief Funds

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As the devastation continues to unfold in Haiti, people are naturally starting to donate to rescue and recovery efforts. The Vatican has even pleaded with people to be generous. How can you help in the Haiti Earthquake Relief efforts?

There will be some who actually venture to Haiti, for on-scene efforts. That will include disaster dogs, which are used to search for and sniff out survivors and dead bodies in rubble. Its been noted that these dogs will often whine when they find a body, as opposed to a survivor.

For those looking to Haiti Earthquake Relief in terms of money or other giving, there are quite a few ways to give. In fact, there are so many ways to help it's difficult to come up with a comprehensive list. Here are a few ways to help, however.

One way to help Haiti Earthquake Relief efforst is Yele, an organization set up by musician and native Haitian Wyclef Jean. Unfortunately, Yele is being hammered right now by those wanting to give, and the site is extremely slow. Once you get through, you can give to Haiti Earthquake Relief here.

Doctors Without Borders is a way to give Haiti Earthquake Relief people may forget. The organization has been on-site in Haiti for years. They themselves need help in this emergency, as well, as it has been reported that their facilities have been badly damaged by the quake.

Operation Blessing International has Haiti Earthquake disaster relief teams on the way. They are accepting donations as well.

Catholic Relief Services is another way to give to Haiti Earthquake Relief. Don't forget the plea by Pope Benedict XVI to give generously to Haiti.

Save the Children has set up a "Support the Haiti Earthquake Children in Emergency Fund." It is accepting Haiti Earthquake Relief funds, and has a printable form if for some reason you don't want to donate via their website.

UNICEF is another location you can go to for Haiti Earthquake Relief donations. UNICEF says the following on its donation page: "Children are always the most vulnerable population in any natural disaster, and UNICEF is there for them."

Of course, the American Red Cross is accepting donations, though it's listed last because, for Americans, it's probably the first place they think of. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies is also available for Haiti Earthquake Relief.

Quite possibly the easiest way to give to Haiti Earthquake Relief involves that ubiquitous device, the cell phone. You can text "Haiti" to 90999 to donate $10 to the American Red Cross. Or, if you text Yele to 501 501 to donate $5 to Yele.

There are possibly as many options for Haiti Earthquake Relief as there will be dead and injured found in the rubble. The important thing, these organizations will say, is to give somewhere.

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