Red Cross Haiti Donations Via SMS Top $8 Million

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There are a number of ways to send Haiti earthquake release funds, which we have covered recently. One of the easiest ways to send money is via text message, and it's been announced that Red Cross Haiti donations via SMS have topped $8 million.

To send the American Red Cross a $10 Haiti Donation via SMS, you can text "HAITI" to 90999. The United Way is also accepting text message donations, by texting "HAITI" to 864833.

Meanwhile, Wyclef Jean, the Haitian multi-platinum musician, rapper, and record producer, who established the Yéle Haiti Foundation in 2005, is accepting SMS donations as well. To send $5 to Yele, text “Yele” to 501501.

mGive, which helps in these sorts of text messaging donation campaigns, is tracking the Red Cross Haiti Donation program. There's a state by state chart that includes the numbers for each state.

At the time of this writing, and the numbers will definitely keep changing, the state of California is at the top of the list at 15.8%. It is trailed by New York: 11.7%; Florida: 7.4%; Texas 6.5%.

As you probably know, Haiti was devastated a 7.0 earthquake earlier this week. It is anticipated that the final death toll will surpass 50,000, with some using numbers as high as 500,000.

Only now is aid beginning to reach victims. The island's infrastructure was toppled, and rather than volunteers, what aid organizations are repeatedly asking for is money. Earlier this week, Pope Benedict XVI asked that people give generously. SMS giving is very easy, which is reflected in the Red Cross Haiti Donation SMS figures.

Written by Michael Santo

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