Pontiac Vibe Included In Toyota Recall Models

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Consumers who own General Motors' Pontiac Vibes are now looking down the face of a recall. The Vibe has joined the list of Toyota recall models affected.

Why, you might ask, is a GM car on the Toyota recall models affected list? Quite simply, the Vibe is basically the same car as the Toyota Matrix, and thus falls under the recall.

Fortunately for GM, the Vibe and Pontiac are history. GM dealers, while they have halted sales of the Vibe, only had about 26 cars left on showrooms, anyway.

The Vibe was made at the NUMMI plant in the San Francisco Bay Area, which was a joint venture between Toyota and GM. However, GM pulled out last year, in the wake of its financial problems.

Reportedly, Toyota is handling the Vibe recall for GM. The full list of Toyota recall models affected (sans the Vibe) is available at our earlier story here.

Written by Michael Santo

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