Enquirer Claims John Edwards Beat Elizabeth

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The National Enquirer is reporting that John Edwards beat wife Elizabeth, 60, in a fight that ended their marriage. The revelation, according to the paper, came from a close friend of Elizabeth.

It was revealed last week that the couple had split. The close friend, who assed a lie detector test, the Enquirer noted, said:

"John lost his temper big-time. She has the divorce papers drawn up, but she can amend them to charge John with domestic violence. She's holding that over his head right now - and he's scared. Elizabeth is in control."

While John Edwards pooh-poohed the initial reports coming from the tabloid about his affair and his "love child," it was later revealed that the Enquirer was correct. The Enquirer crowed over the issue, and must be taken more seriously in these sorts of allegations, now.

The couple has been married for 32 years, and the attack was apparently the "final straw." Edwards also only recently admitted paternity of 2-year-old daughter Frances by mistress Rielle Hunter.

Despite the allegations and accusations over cheating and paternity, Elizabeth Edwards stood by John during his presidential runs. This even included a recurrence of her cancer, for which she is still undergoing treatment.

The full details of the beating are in the print edition of the Enquirer.

Written by Michael Santo

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