Ford To Recall Small Number OF Hybrids Over Braking Issue

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In coincidental timing, Ford announced on Thursday it was recalling a small number of its hybrid cars over braking issues. The problem is not safety related however, but the brakes on the vehicles give the impression that brakes have failed.

Ford said 17,600 gas-electric hybrids of the Mercury Milan and Ford Fusion models will be recalled. They will have their software updated, to prevent the problem.

The problem occurs when the cars make transition from regenerative brakes to a conventional system. Regenerative braking is used on hybrids to convert kinetic energy and charge the batteries.

During the transition, it "feels" like braking power is dropping, giving the impression that brakes have failed. The models involved are 2010 models and the decision to fix them came after a test driver for Consumer Reports magazine reported the problem as he was driving a Fusion Hybrid. There is no safety issue, Ford emphasized.

The announcement came on the same day as a report from a Japanese news service that Toyota would be recalling 270,000 2010 Priuses over a safety-related braking issue. Also on Thursday, the NHTSA announced an investigation into over 100 reports of braking problems on the 2010 Prius model, including 2 accidents.

Written by Michael Santo

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