Colorado to vote on anti-abortion initative in November

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The Colorado Secretary of State's Office has confirmed that Personhood USA submitted enough valid signatures to put a ballot initiative into November's statewide elections. The Colorado-based organization has submitted an anti-abortion initiative that would ban abortions statewide.

The initiative, which will appear as Amendment 62 on the ballot, would provide "definition of person" question. More than 76,000 signatures were required to put the measure on the ballot. It took tries to achieve this, however.

Signatures had been originally submitted in February. However, the Colorado Secretary of State's office found too many invalid signatures. In Friday's random sample review of the newly-collected signatures, the office determined the amendment's supporters had gathered about 20,000 more signatures than required.

Amendment 62 would give unborn fetuses human rights in the state constitution. This will create a conflict with Roe v. Wade, the federal Supreme Court judgment that first legalized abortion.

Personhood USA is pushing similar measures in 40 states this year. However, a similar measure was attempted in 2008. In that year, 73 percent of voters rejected the measure.

Additionally, volunteers cited more difficulty in obtaining signatures this year. Vvolunteer Chet Malouf of Denver said "This was harder. I don't know why, but people were more callous this time and didn't want to listen,"

Written by Michael Santo

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