Funeral Planning Costs Less When Funeral Homes Compete

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Families going through funeral planning process are under a lot of emotional stress and time constraints. They don't have time to contact many funeral homes and make price comparisons. Yet, what if there is a way to make funeral homes compete to bring down your cost and cut your expenses.

Lending Tree has for some time used the phrase, "when banks compete, you win" as their motto. However, what is one of the two things you cannot escape? That's right, death and taxes. So who will compete for your funeral dollars? This is where - a funeral planning site - comes in. The site is poised to be a dominating factor in the funeral planning industry. Once going to the site a planning form stands out where you can start your request by selecting the city where the funeral will take place and the approximate date of the funeral. You can select funeral, or cremation, by the way. Once you do that, you will reach QuoteFunera's free Funeral Cost Request Form.

On that form, you enter your name (assuming you are the one requesting the funeral cost quote), address, and contact information. Additionally, you will be asked to fill in the check-boxes for a large number of funeral options. They vary from things like donation of the body to a medical school or hospital, or types of grave markers.

In addition, the site has resources on a number of funeral-related issues and topics. For example, the site gives input on finding appropriate funeral flowers, funeral planning, approximate cost of funerals, and more.

Funeral planning actually may not be a pleasant thought. However, it's even less pleasant if not planned in advance, and if you have to rush into signing up for a funeral home without having time to think through things and knowing the departed person's preferences. While may need more information and helpful references, it has a potential and might prove a valuable funeral planning source in the future.

When funeral homes compete you save.

Written by Michael Santo

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