"Shrek Forever After" Tops Box Office

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Shrek is tops at the box office. Shrek Forever After made $71.3 million in its opening weekend, yet amazingly, still disappointed.

The reason is that Shrek Forever After had the weakest opening weekend of all the Shrek sequels. Shrek 2 in 2004 took in $108 million. Shrek the Third, in 2007, took in $121.6 million. The $71.3 million take was using inflated ticket prices, too.

In addition, Shrek Forever After was shown, in some theaters, in IMAX 3D and 3D, with higher ticket prices. In Manhattan, the price could be as high as $19 per ticket. Shrek Forever After took in slightly less than $5 million on IMAX screens, which would be about 7 percent of the film's entire weekend gross.

Mike Myers (Shrek), Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy and Antonio Banderas return to the voice cast. In Shrek Forever After, Shrek is experiencing a mid-life crisis, so he makes a deal with Rumpelstiltskin.

Anne Globe, head of worldwide marketing for DreamWorks Animation said, "We're obviously happy to be the No. 1 movie, which we anticipated. It's a little lower than we anticipated but it's still No. 4 among all animated openings of all time, behind the first two 'Shrek' sequels and 'The Simpsons (Movie).'" The Simpsons opened with $74 million in 2007.

Written by Michael Santo

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