After Paul's Comments, Kentucky Legislature Passes Civil Rights Legislation

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Reeling after comments made by U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul, the Kentucky State Legislature has taken steps to reduce its embarrassment. It has adopted a resolution which declares that any form of discrimination is inconsistent with American values.

Louisville Democratic Sen. Gerald Neal introduced the resolution last Friday during a special session on the state budget. It was adopted without objection in the predominantly Republican chamber. Neal said that Paul's extreme beliefs have made Kentucky "a laughing stock."

Rand Paul made the comments during an MSNBC interview. In it, he criticized the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Paul said in an MSNBC interview that he did "not like the idea" of telling private business what it should or should not do, including, for example, forcing restaurants to serve minorities. business owners don't want to

Later, Paul stated that criticisms that the Obama Administration made of oil giant BP over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill were "un-American." This is despite the fact that many Americans are upset over bailouts made to large corporations by both the Bush and Obama administrations, in addition to being upset with BP.

The Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele, said the following on Fox News Sunday after Paul's remarks, "I believe his philosophy is misplaced in these times. I don't think it's where the country is right now."

Paul received criticism from both sides of the aisle after his statement regarding the Civil Rights Act. For some, the remark smacked of blatant racism. For others, it was simply a reflection of Paul's Libertarian leaning, but made without filtering for the reality of the times.

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It sounds like a racist remark to me. I shake my head in disbelief over statements like that. Thanks for another great article.

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