Cajun Pawn Stars: Cash Kart, where Jimmie gambles on a rare double barrel pistol

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In Cash Kart, the featured items are a dismantled racing go-kart; a mounted stuffed lion; and a rare double-barrel knife pistol.

If you’re a pawn shop owner, you have to have the gambler’s itch. All the haggling, deal-making and risk-taking is a high-stakes adrenaline ride. Now, Jimmie DeRamus knows his stuff and it is near impossible to get something past his sharp eyes and encyclopedic knowledge. But this week Jimmie went a bit radical and gambled on a gun.

This wasn’t just any gun, of course, It was a double-barrel, European sword pistol. It looked like something straight out of a duel set in the 18th or 19th century (except for the knife part), with an ornate handle and a long barrel. Jimmie was duly impressed and even guessed it was European, probably 1800’s. But his antique gun expert was out of town, so Jimmie had to take a chance on the rare find. Though the customer wanted $1,500 for it initially, even offering to take $1,200, Jimmie managed to talk him way down to a slim grand.

Slim, you say? Well, a little down the line, Jimmie does get a hold of Steve, his antique weapons pro, who promptly values the piece at a whopping $8K! Jimmie is pretty wowed, and since Steve wants the gun really bad, he offers to sell it to him for $5K – with a handsome 4K profit. Steve reminds him however, that he only paid for it the one grand initially, and in the interest of being fair, Jimmie relents at 4K.

Jimmie was on the money about the origin and dating of the gun – it was a French or Belgian piece from the 1840’s.

Meanwhile, Jimmie’s brother Johnnie is taking a look at a mini race car whose engine blew up. The owner tried to fix it, but when the crew takes a look, the little racer is a jumbled mess of metal parts. Still, all the parts are there – they are just going to have to be put back together by someone who knows what they’re doing. The owner wants a pretty grand for the pitiful pile, but Johnnie talk him down to $400, pointing out it’s gonna take at least $750 to straighten and weld the machine together.

Later in the show, Yankee unveils the finished product and it takes everybody’s breath away. The customized go-kart racer is all sleekness and beauty after Yankee’s ministrations and the crew bets on whether the little machine can go past 70 mph. Jimmie the conservative bets $20 that the former go-cart can’t go past 60 and loses when his grandson Skyler takes to the wheel and clocks in at 72 mph.

But there’s another grand entry on this episode of Cajun Pawn Stars – a very large mounted stuffed lion, which allegedly came from a bar in Lafayette. Walt takes one whiff of the mane and confirms the bar origin. Then there is the question of authenticity, as in any of the big-ticket pawn items. Stuffed animals are frequently put together from available parts, so to speak, but this lion turns out to be the real deal – there are no stitches in the grand, if a little worn, mane. The client wants a stiff $5K ad is willing to take a grand less than that, but when Johnnie tries to talk him down to a grand, he balks.

The lion did not command the lion’s share of the loot and goes home with a tail between his legs.

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