Chris Tucker Facing Foreclosure on Florida Mansion

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Just because you're an actor, actress, or some other sort of celebrity, and just because you've been in a hit movie, doesn't mean you're not going to fall on hard times, and that includes Chris Tucker.

It's call overspending. "Rush Hour" star Chris Tucker is facing foreclosure on his $6 million Central Florida home.

The Orlando Sentinel reported that Chris Tucker, an actor / comedian owes more than $4.4 million to his bank. The report cites papers filed in Circuit Court in Lake County, Florida.

Chris Tucker, 39, purchased the home in 2007. The waterfront home is 10,000-square-feet in size, sitting on Lake Apopka in Montverde's upscale (read: expensive) Bella Collina community. The home has five bedrooms, three fireplaces, a personal spa, an outdoor kitchen which overlooks a pool, and includes a basement designed to look like a pirate ship right down to having a wooden deck, mast and sail.

Much as main streeters have faced, Chris Tucker's problems, to a large extent, resulted from the housing market crash. The county property appraiser has the home currently assessed at $1.6 million, despite him owing $4.4 million on it.

That's not the only problem Chris Tucker is facing. According to court documents, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) hit the Tucker with an $11.5 million tax lien on the home last year, in an attempt to collect unpaid federal income taxes from him. Documents show that Tucker's monthly mortgage payment was $25,812.50.

Tucker hasn't been in a movie since 2007's Rush Hour 3, and one would assume that is part of the problem: lack of income. According to Wikipedia, Tucker returned to stand-up comedy this year.

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