Dan Peek of Musical Group "America" Dies at Age 60

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Dan Peek, one of the founding members of the 70's musical group "America," has died, according to a post on his website, at the age of 60.

Visitors to his site, DanPeek.com, are greeted by the message "Dan went to Heaven on July 24 2011." Along with the message is a YouTube video of Peek performing one of "America's" hits, "Lonely People."

On the website of the group, the band's remaining members paid tribute to Dan Peek. Peek left the group after he became a born again Christian. "America" members Dewey Bunnell and Gerry Beckley continued the group.

Dewey Bunnell said, "I am so sorry to learn of Dan’s passing. Dan, along with Gerry & myself, formed the band “America” as teenagers after being great friends in high school during the late 60’s. It was a joyous time for the three of us, full of excitement and laughter. We created lasting music together and experienced a life that we could never have imagined. Dan was an equal and integral part of that early history, and I have never forgotten the good times we spent making that music and learning about life together. Although we eventually went our separate ways, his contributions to the music of “America” have always been present and will last forever. This news brings great sadness. My sincere condolences go out to his wife, Catherine, and the entire Peek family. May Dan rest in peace, and his memory be cherished forever."

Gerry Beckley added, "I am deeply saddened to hear the news of Dans passing. He was a dear friend for many years. Dan & his music will live on in the great songs he shared with us all. My sincere condolences go out to Catherine and the entire Peek family. May he rest in peace...."

According to Wikipedia, "The three members were barely out of their teens when they became a musical sensation during 1972, scoring #1 hits and winning a Grammy for best new musical artist. Their recording success stretched throughout the 1970s; some of the band's best known songs are "A Horse with No Name", "Sister Golden Hair" (both of which reached #1), "Ventura Highway", "Tin Man", "Daisy Jane", and "Lonely People."

Watch a few of "America's" hits, below. In the image attached to this post, Peek is on the far left.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons


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RIP brother thanks for the memories

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