Doctor Who Star Karen Gillan Found Naked, Whimpering in Hotel Corridor

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Karen Gillan plays Amy Pond, one of the current "companions" of the 11th Doctor in the long-running BBC television series, "Doctor Who," and you have to bet she wished she had a TARDIS around to go back in time after she was found naked in a hotel corridor at 7 a.m. after a night of partying.

Gillan, 23, was allegedly found in the hallway of New York's Ace Hotel, trying guests doors, and naked during the incident. One other guest said, “I went to the peephole then I saw this woman naked, trying to wrap towels around her and not having much luck. She started to whimper and knock on my door. Seeing that she wasn’t getting anywhere, she lay down with the towels covering her.”

Suzanne Leonara, another guest at the hotel, added: “She looked as though she hadn’t been to bed.”

Matt Smith, who plays the 11th incarnation of Doctor Who, and Executive Producer Stephen Moffatt were also on the trip. BBC Worldwide claimed no knowledge of the incident.

Earlier this month, Karen Gillan was photographed appearing to be bleary-eyed after a night of partying at London nightclub The Box.

We would have shuddered to see Doctor Who fan favorite companion Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen, who passed away recently) in either of these situations. Ironically, Gillan faces up with Sladen, as they are among those nominated for Best Actress at the TVChoice Awards.

Doctor Who is a BBC series centered around a humanoid Time Lord. He travels through space and time in a TARDIS ((Time and Relative Dimension in Space). The TARDIS appears to be an old style police box externally, but its dimensions inside are huge. The series swaps out lead actors through the use of "regeneration," when a dying Doctor will regenerate his body to a new one, along with a new personality, to boot.

The series originally ran from 1963 to 1989, when it was cancelled. In 1996, a TV movie was aired as an unsuccessful attempt to relaunch the series, but in 2005 the series was revived, much to the cheers of long-time fans. The series Doctor Who also spawned spin-offs in multiple media, including The Sarah Jane Adventures (starring the aforementioned late Elisabeth Sladen), Torchwood, K-9, and a single 1981 pilot episode of K-9 and Company.

Along with the Doctor are always his companions. These are swapped out, much as with the actors portraying the Doctor, from "time to time" as well. Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill) are the Doctor's current companions. Doctor Who is aired on BBC America in the U.S., and is currently on hiatus after a startling mid-season revelation.


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Karen Gillan is responsible for her pitiful public perfomance here. It is interesting that you bring up the name of Elisabeth Sladen in this story, even though she has no bearing whatsoever in Karen Gillan's actions. The metal image of Elisabeth Sladen, a lady of class, quality, intelligence, charm and character, against the sorry image of Karen Gillan in this story, does Karen Gillan no favors at all. It seems to show that Karen Gillan has no class, quality, intelligence charm or character at all! It is no wonder that among those fans of DOCTOR WHO worldwide, who are familiar with both the Classic and New Series, that Elisabeth Sladen has always reigned at the top of the list of WHO companions, while those of the New Series are far below her. So bringing up the name of Elisabeth Sladen here may be a good thing actually. It shows that the New Series isn't in good hands at all. Perhaps that's why there is always the nagging feeling that the New Series really does not measure up to the Classic Series at its best in the days of Pertwee and Tom Baker. The New Series is just missing that "something". That "something" may well be the class, quality, intelligence, charm and character that Elisabeth Sladen brought in spades to the Classic Series.

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