Eli Manning: no bomb thrown on 'SNL' [VIDEO]

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Super Bowl winning quarterback Eli Manning appeared on the May 5, 2012 episode of "Saturday Night Live."

While not every skit was a touchdown, Eli Manning certainly didn't "bomb" on 'SNL.' The episode was, for the most part, pretty funny. A few video excerpts from the show, showing some of the skits that Manning participated in, are embedded below.

Text Message Evidence:

Eli Manning is on trial, or at least his character Chad Kevin Jeremy is, and for the crime of murder, no less. Using text message evidence, his defense attorney attempts to prove his client is innocent. The text message evidence includes things such as emoticons and expressions like "kewl," which Manning is force to pronounce, numerous times, as "q-el." He also explains it means "cool," which the jurors, for some reason, needed to be informed of.

He also is shown to have sexted - more or less. He sent an image to a woman, showing himself holding a banana to his crotch. As he explains to his attorney - and the jury - the banana is meant to represent his penis. Unfortunately, it is not an accurate representation as, "The banana is larger."

Manning did get off, but only because his attorney introduced his search queries for the evening into evidence, which drove the prosecution to drop the charges - as they didn't want to hear any more salacious material.

Little Brothers: this sketch portrays Eli Manning, as himself, saying he is a "proud ambassador to the Little Brothers program." No, he's not talking about some faux "Big Brother" program. Instead, he's talking about adversity cause by older siblings. Yes, we're talking Peyton Manning here, and did anyone else notice Manning has a noticeable lisp - at least in the "commercial?"

Motion Capture: Taran Killam's Tim Tebow made a return appearance ("Thy Will be Done"). It was brief, though, and most of it involved motion capture attempting to find Eli Manning's signature move. The signature move, of course, was for the video game the motion capture was intended to be used for, and no, Manning could not just use a Tim Tebow-like move.

Monologue: Of course, we saved the best for last. Here is Eli Manning's monologue. Manning appeared a bit uncomfortable at times (he talks over applause a few times), but after all, his day job is quarterback.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

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