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Lock-in iPhone resale rates with Gazelle now; the iPhone 5S, 5C approach

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Third-party hardware reseller Gazelle has begun sending out emails to past customers, encouraging them to lock in resale rates for the iPhone 5 before Apple introduces a new model.

Gazelle's message, sent via a short shotgun email, says:

"Apple will be introducing the new iPhone on Tuesday, and prices are expected to drop as the release approaches. If you sell your iPhone to Gazelle by 9/10/13, you'll have until 10/15/2013 to send it to us, giving you plenty of time to get the new one.

Take advantage of today's great prices without having to give up your iPhone early."

Gazelle is telling end users that if they sell their iPhone to the company before Sept. 10 -- which is the day Apple has scheduled for a press conference to introduce -- honestly, there is no question, it is to introduce its 2013 iPhone(s) -- one or more new iPhones, it will guarantee the rate that you get, despite allowing you to keep your iPhone until Oct. 15.

The key here is the typical behavior of iPhone trade-in prices once Apple announces a new device. They will drop, perhaps even plummet. In fact, the best time to trade-in your iPhone is not now, after Gazelle has sent out these emails, but a while ago, before folks started tuning into the 2013 iPhone refresh.

This year, Apple is expected to release two new models: the flagship iPhone 5S and a new, lower-cost iPhone 5C. The 5C is rumored to be an iPhone 5 internally, with a colorful plastic case to reduce cost. It is assumed that the device will cost around $300 sans carrier subsidy, meaning off contract.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 5S will be mostly the same as the iPhone 5 externally, with internal changes such as a faster processor and an improved camera. It is also reportedly going to sport a new fingerprint reader, embedded in the home button.

All these details, though, are still rumors, due to Apple's extreme secrecy over new devices.

Gazelle has made this sort of offer in the past. History shows, as well, that prices will drop, just as Gazelle claims.

This year, though, Gazelle has to face its best friend but in a manner befitting an enemy. Apple only recently started its own trade-in program. While its prices will probably not be as good as Gazelle's, there is the convenience factor to consider. What can be more convenient than walking into an Apple retail store with an old device and walking out with a new one after trading in the old one?

Those who want the best price should head over to Gazelle.