Hacker Group LulzSec Suddenly Scuttles the Lulz Boat

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LulzSec, which only recently seemed to graduate from hacking for the lulz (fun) to hacking for causes (AntiSec) has suddenly quit the "hacking business."

LulzSec's announcement came suddenly on Saturday, on a day when its Twitter feed seemed to indicate a normal day for the hacking group, whose targets have been chaotic and random until lately. Only this week, the group and fellow hacker group Anonymous opened a new front in hacking called the AntiSec campaign. That campaign was designed to take down corruption in governments globally as well as big business.

Its first target seemed to be the state of Arizona. The group released a cache of information to BitTorrent, including names, email addresses, passwords, phone numbers, and even addresses of police officers and others. The state of Arizona confirmed the authenticity of the release, and issued concern over the possible risks to police whose locations were revealed in the leak.

With those recent hacks and announcements, it hardly seemed like LulzSec would slow down. Earlier, the group had hacked the U.S. Senate, the CIA, an FBI-affiliated website, PBS, Sony and much more. Those seemed random and chaotic. The group even opened what amounted to a dial-a-hack hotline, asking folks to call with hack suggestions.

In their farewell post, the group admitted it was a small group of hackers: six, in fact. However, it also gave up a huge amount of booty. Its final release consists of data, according to the torrent, containing AOL internal data, AT&T internal data, user data for Battlefield Heroes Beta (550k users).csv, something about the "FBI being silly," and more.

LulzSec also implied its efforts, now ending after 50 days of chaos, were always planned to end after 50 days. If truly "scheduled," it explains why LulzSec would quit today, but if not, why would LulzSec quit so suddenly? Earlier in the week, 19-year-old Ryan Cleary was arrested by Scotland Yard. While LulzSec denied he was a member, rival group Team Poison said he was, and Team Poison also promised to expose the identities of the remaining LulzSec members.

It's unclear if this is real, but LulzSec made the announcement on its Twitter feed. It's also unclear what will happen to the Brazilian arm of LulzSec, which only this week began its own efforts.

Image Source: LulzSec

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