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Harold Camping Describes How May 21 Judgment Day Will Unfold

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Harold Camping is the 89-year-old founder of Family Radio, but he is also the man who prophesized that May 21 would be the exact date of the Rapture, or Judgment Day, based on clues he says are written throughout the Bible, and in a recent interview, he said still more about his confidence.

You've probably seen the signs and billboards stating May 21 will be the end of the world. Some of his follwers have become so convinced of the date, that they have spent all their savings. After all, they will have no more need for savings after May 21, will they?

In the interview, published in New York magazine, Harold Camping said he is absolutely 100 percent positive that May 21 will be Judgment Day. He said that there's nothing in the Bible that has ever been prophesized by God that has not happened. Thus, he's sure that May 21 will be the date, although he didn't give details as to what exact information in the bible gave him the date.

When asked about his earlier prediction, one which gave the year 1994 as an earlier Day of Reckoning, he said his information also gave him 2011 as a possibility. He said that he hadn't completed his study of the Bible at that time, and that is why, given the possibilities, that he wrote the book 1994?, including a question mark in the title to make sure it was clear that the date was in question. In the book, he said, he also indicated that 2011 was also a good possibility for the End of Days.

Parts of the world will have plenty of warning that the end is nigh. The reason is that, accoding to Harold Camping's prediction, when May 21 is reached, at "about" (his word) 6 p.m., there will be a huge earthquake "that’s going to make the last earthquake in Japan seem like nothing in comparison." Thus, other parts of the globe will see the end come as the clock ticks to 6 p.m. Assuming it happens first in the parts of the world that the sun rises first in, the rest of the world will see it coming.

Harold Camping is not the slightest bit worried that it won't happen. He's 100 percent certain, and when asked about any doubts, he says, "It’s going to happen. It’s going to happen. I don’t even think about those kind of issues. The Bible is not — God is not playing games. I don’t even want to think about that question at all. It is going to happen."

As far as if he has begun thinking of possible responses to followers if the Rapture doesn't happen (and we note that should occur early Friday morning in the Pacific Time Zone in the U.S., if the first quakes don't occur), he said that he hasn't thought of that at all, because it's going to happen.

Of course, plenty of others have predicted dates for the end of the world. The last such to gain major publicity was the one supposedly prophesized by the Mayan Calendar. Ironically, that too is a 21: Dec. 21, 2012.

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Submitted by Rev. Daniel W. Blair (not verified) on
I am very sad for those who have been following this lie that the rapture will occur on May 21st. Even if they attempt to explain away “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven nor the Son, but only the Father” (Mark 13:32), they cannot explain away that most every Christian, theologian, scholar, and prophet from the first Century until the Nineteenth Century all believed that the church would go through the Great Tribulation and not escape through some secret rapture that would leave the world paralyzed. I pray that they will take a moment and read my book, “Final Warning” because the hour of is His judgment has come.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
HAROLD CAMPING IS NOT A CHRISTIAN! No True Christian would follow this man. He is an arrogant Old fool who believes his own Bible translations. His followers are the worst, they trust “HAROLD CAMPING INTERPRETATION OF THE BIBLE...NOT THE BIBLE! Harold Camping is a horrible Bible teacher. HERE IS HOW HE FOOLS YOU (VIDEO) just google "HAROLD CAMPING 21 BLOGSPOT"

Submitted by Chuck Anziulewicz (not verified) on
Let me see if I have this right: According to most evangelicals, a "Rapture" and a "Tribulation" and a "Second Coming" WILL eventually occur, it's just that no one knows exactly when. In fact, a significant number of people actually believe that a "Rapture" will happen during their own lifetimes, and they will be beamed up to Heaven, leaving little more than their clothes and their dentures behind. So far it sounds pretty nutty. So why is it that Harold Camping is somehow NUTTIER because he's determined a DATE for all this mumbo-jumbo? I find it extremely disturbing that so many people, even many elected officials, think in such Apocalyptic terms. How it must cloud their long-term view of the future! Imagine: All of our science and technology and exploration and investment in the Advancing Modern World is all for naught, because it will simply be swept away in some grand battle between the armies of Heaven and Hell! How utterly depressing and nihilistic! Maybe it would be far better if people would just grow up, get over their fairytales and superstitions, and learn how to live in the REAL WORLD. Trust me, you can enjoy a perfectly happy, decent, and meaningful life without having to worry about "The Rapture."

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
(1) There is no rapture foretold in the Bible; to be separated from the body is to be with God, and the only "rapture" that may occur will be with those who follow the Antichrist. (2) The end-time prophecies have not been fulfilled, including the arrival and turmoil caused by the Antichrist. As the above said, no true Christian would believe this man's foolishness.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
This guy has teenagers and young adults ready to commit suicide because of his disgusting theory, what the fuck is the point of this??? NOBODY will ever know the end of times. It can be now, tomorrow next week or in a million years! All the natural disasters that have been happening are due to climate change.. not bc the end is near.. and im sorry Harold but "my God" would NEVER torture people!! Harold Camping is the devil!!!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Its not if God is coming. Because God IS coming. We are not to judge mr camping or anyone that is not our place. Whether God comes today.tomorrow.the next month.etc. nobody truly knows. But I know that he will come one day and I am prepared. I pray you are prepared too. Don't be scared or worried as ling as you have the lord in your heart everything will be ok.

Submitted by earthfolk (not verified) on
14,7900 seconds to go, There is a Live Count down, <a href=""></a>

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Excuse me! If you are not educated in religion then shut up... im sick of all u extremist fcking wack jobs out there! ONLY GOD knows when he will destroy his earth.. He definatly did not give Harold Camping clues of all people.. hahaa you people are nuts! The bible does not state any facts about any of campings calculations, he has created a colt and created his own religion basically... he is not speaking of christianity! Not one bit.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Harold Camping stated it will start in New Zealand, but in the U.S at 6pm? Isnt saturday in New Zealand already????? Hellloooooooo??? Camping?????? Are u there???? U fucking nut job...What the fuck are you talking about??? You ignorant stupid piece of shit! Go fcking kill urself if u want to die. Stop torturing everybody else! God is not even gonna except u bc ur mocking him!!!! Dont u get it?? Just shut the fuck up already

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
What we must live by is loving God with all our heart soul and mind and loving others and ourselves. Harold Camping is wrong according to scriptures in Matthew, Mark and many others. Yet we should not speak perversely about anyone and pray for those under his influence. Loving someone is not yelling ,Love is kind, love is patient, love never fails.Love does not boast, love does not anger. Be quick to think and slow to speak. Having and sharing true love which can only come from Jesus Christ who often speaks and acts through those who love him, is how we can prepare for our last day, which can be any time and any day, due to every day life. Lets be peaceable with all please.


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