Iconic SF Restaurant to Employ Trumpeter to Keep Texas Rangers Awake

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The Texas Rangers are visiting San Francisco on Wednesday and Thursday for the first two games of the World Series. Lefty O'Douls, a restaurant and bar founded and named for the San Francisco native and former major leaguer, has a plan in mind to keep them awake.

The Texas Rangers will be staying at the Westin St. Francis hotel. The hotel is just across the street from Lefty O'Douls.

"We're going to try to keep the Texas Rangers awake at night by playing a trumpet across the street and playing a song from the Alamo,"" Lefty o"Douls' spokesman John Fair told local TV station KRON 4's Will Tran. He added that Giants fans hope the "serenading" will keep the Rangers players awake at night, giving the Giants an edge.

If it works (and likely, if it were to happen, cops would be called and the "music" shut down), the Rangers could be in for more than two days without sleep. The forecast is for showers Thursday through Sunday, though the word "few" was inserted in front of "showers" in the Thursday forecast.

Lefty O'Douls restaurant founded in 1958

Here's how the Lefty O'Doul site describes itself: "In 1958 Lefty O’Doul had an inspiration to open a restaurant bar in San Francisco where friends and family could come to eat and meet with sports stars, creating a unique environment where everyone was family. Over the years Lefty O’Doul’s restaurant has seen the likes of some of baseball and Hollywood’s greatest entertainers. We strive for quality food and quality service with the Old World Charm of baseball's past. We feel that this is the way Francis “Lefty” O’Doul would have wanted it."

Lefty O'Doul was born in San Francisco, California in 1897. In addition to playing for the New York Giants, O'Doul began his professional career as a left-handed pitcher with the minor-league San Francisco Seals of the Triple-A Pacific Coast League.


They could try what Sacramento fans did to Kobe Bryant, without cops being called. Bad food from room service, had him sick during Conference Finals in 2000.

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