Jim Harbaugh's Brother Says Michigan is 'Out' as Option for Stanford Coach

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Now that the Orange Bowl is over, the Jim Harbaugh Bowl begins, with multiple NFL teams as well as possible Michigan seeking to hire the Stanford Cardinal head coach. The Michigan option is out, according to Harbaugh's brother, John, currently head coach of the Baltimore Ravens.

On Tuesday night, John Harbaugh spoke about his brother's situation during his weekly Baltimore radio show. He said:

“I don’t know what he’s going to do. I think the Michigan thing is done now. I don’t think he’s interested in doing that, which is hard for him because he loves Michigan. But it says a lot about Stanford and we’ll just see what happens.”

That statement does imply that Jim Harbaugh could be staying at Stanford, and of course, that is always an option. There are at least two teams looking toward Harbaugh as a possible head coach replacement, however, including San Francisco and Denver, according to multiple sources.

San Francisco finalized its GM question on Tuesday, when they hired Trent Baalke, who had been director of player personnel, as GM. The team's flagship station, KNBR, has heard from multiple callers, angry at both the selection of Baalke, as well as the fact that interview candidates, including Mike Lombardi, have stated they felt it was all just a whitewash, and that Baalke was the choice from day one.

Callers are angry because the 49ers have a storied history, and they wanted a "name" GM with trophies on the wall. They also feel betrayed because 49er President Jed York said the GM would have "pelts on the wall."

Additionally, KNBR's morning crew said they felt "defeated" by the choice of Baalke, on Wednesday morning's airing.

However, all could be forgiven if a name coach is brought into the fold. Many feel that Jim Harbaugh is plan A through Z, and if he is not signed the 49ers will be in trouble. Other names that have been tossed around are John Gruden and Bill Cowher. It was announced on Wednesday that Gruden has already turned down the Dolphins post.

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