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Grammy Winner Ben Harper Files for Divorce from Actress Laura Dern

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Actress Laura Dern and two-time Grammy Award winner Ben Harper are set to split. Harper has filed for divorce from Dern, his wife of five years.

The court papers were filed late Friday, citing irreconcilable differences. According to celebrity website TMZ, the filing caught Laura Dern unawares, and she was "blindsided."

Inconsistencies in Laura Dern - Ben Harper filing

Although TMZ said Laura Dern was blindsided, there are some inconsistencies in the filing, the site said. For one, in the filing, Harper claims that he and Laura Dern separated back in January. However, TMZ says they have been informed by sources connected to the couple that they were seen together, acting intimately, as late as last week. Sources told TMZ that Dern and Harper have been living and traveling together throughout the year.

Laura Dern is 53. Ben Harper is 40. The couple has been married since December 23, 2005. They had been dating for five years prior to that.

The filing asks that the judge deny Dern any spousal support. the couple has two children, Ellery, 9, and Jaya, 5. Harper is seeking joint custody of the children.

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