LImited quantity: Nexus 10 Android tablets for $130 off

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Nexus Android tablet

A sale on Google's current 10-inch Nexus tablet has returned to eBay, with the price being $130 less than the same purchase at Google's Play Store.

The sale comes via 1saleaday, has the Google Nexus 10 10-inch tablet, with 32GB of internal storage, on sale for $369. That is $130 less than buying it from its standard purchase location, the Google Play store, where it sells for $499.

It's true that the Nexus 10 is due for a refresh; after all, it's smaller sibling, the Nexus 7, was recently upgraded to a 2013 model by Google. This particular tablet was introduced last year.

Still, it sports an impressive screen, with resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 resolution. It comes with 2GB of RAM, a dual-core A15 processor, a rear-facing 5MP camera and a front-facing 1.9MP webcam. The processor isn't all that impressive, but other than that, the device should support the needs of most tablet users.

For those concerned about the safety of buying such a device on eBay, 1saleaday's feedback offers a sort of warranty. The eBay seller has about 620490 feedback reviews at the time of this wriing, with an overall 98.8 satisfied rating. With that many transactions, there is virtually no way for the company to maintain a 100 percent satisfaction rating. We would prefer a rating over 99 percent, but still, with that many responses, we'd take a chance on this deal.

The vendor says there are only a limited quantity of the tablets available. Thus far, only 27 have sold (again, at the time of this writing).

The Nexus 10 joined its smaller brother, the Nexus 7 last year, when Google expanded its Nexus line of products -- which are sold with stock Android and with no UI layer such as TouchWiz (the Nexus 10 is manufactured for Google by Samsung) -- to tablets. The Nexus 7 line was eventually expanded to include cellular versions, but the Nexus 10 has never included such versions.

Google recently launched both wi-fi only and cellular versions of the 2013 version of Nexus 7 tablet, with significant hardware upgrades. Of note is the addition of a rear-facing camera, which was omitted from the 2012 version and was a deal-breaker for some.

Considering the device's already stellar resolution, we suspect that a 2013 Nexus 10, if one eventually arrives, would not sport a higher resolution. Still, we'd expect to see significant changes in terms of other hardware, including an upgraded processor, perhaps more RAM, and perhaps a better camera.

To be clear, the deal lists the device as coming with Android 4.2, but the Nexus 10 recently received an Android 4.3 upgrade (thus far, the latest), so expect an OTA upgrade to be available immediately.