Limited Time: 15 percent discount on Best Buy $100 iTunes gift cards

Best Buy

Giant electronics, video That amounts to agame, and technology retailer Best Buy has the $100 iTunes gift card on sale for $85.

That amounts to a 15 percent savings on anything you can buy on Apple's online store. That includes music, videos, ebooks, and video games and apps. The gift card deal can be found here.

Shipping of the card -- they will not send an ecode via email -- is free. Best Buy will use their "standard shipping" process. Those who purchase the gift card today are given an estimate of Dec. 13 - Dec. 19 for the gift card's arrival.

There is no sales tax applied to the product, despite the fact that Best Buy charges sales tax in most locations.

Although we have seen better deals for iTunes gift cards (most notably, recent ones at both OfficeMax and eBay), with values as low as $40 paid for a $50 gift card, amounting to a 20 percent iTunes discount, this is current lowest discount deal for iTunes.

Naturally, there is always the chance that we will see other and better iTunes gift card deals arise between now and Christmas.