Limited time: Buffalo WZR-1750DHP AC17 802.11ac router for only $124.99

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It's still in draft form, and won't be finalized until next year, but the 802.11ac wireless protocol is all the rage, and has the Buffalo WZR-1750DHP AC1750 Wireless 802.11AC Gigabit Router with USB 3.0 for $124.99.

This is reportedly the recently released generation two of the router. Shipping is free and the deal is activated with coupon code "EMCWXXT65." The code expires on Oct. 9, or -- naturally -- when Newegg sells out. charges sales tax in Calif., New Jersey and Tennessee.

For comparison's sake, the same router is available on for $144.39. Notably, now charges sales tax in a number of states, including the high-sales tax state of California.

802.11ac is the newest wi-fi protocol, following up 802.11n. Still in draft status, final 802.11 Working Group approval and publication scheduled for early 2014, which means it's possible that current routers may need a firmware upgrade to conform to the approved standard.

According to WIkipedia, analysts expect that devices with the 802.11ac specification are expected to be common by 2015 "with an estimated one billion spread around the world."

While these routers have become common, what is still uncommon is client devices that have 802.11ac capability. In other words, the routers support the extra speed, but the devices that connect to the wi-fi network, in general, do not. Thus, a perceived speed increase wouldn't be available.

In addition, in order to get maximum throughput, the client must have multiple antennas, as this builds on the MIMO technology from 802.11n.

Most manufacturers are selling multiple versions of 802.11ac routers, with the numbers 900, 1300, and 1750 attached to them. This particular Buffalo router, in particular, has the 1750 term attached to it. These numbers are derived by taking the wireless-n (802.11n) speed of 450Mbps and adding whatever 802.11ac speed the router is capable of, to it.

Although this router is sale priced, it should be noted that most other manufacturers have higher prices across the board for their similar routers. For example, a similar 1750 Netgear router runs about $179, while Asus has one for $188 and Linksys for $168. Trendnet is the only manufacturer that is close in price, with its router priced at about $140.

In addition, of those manufacturers, Netgear and Linksys are probably the most recognized -- and among the most expensive.

The Buffalo router has a rating of 3.8 stars (out of five) at and 4.0 eggs (out of five) at