Limited time: NAS-optimized Western Digital Red 2TB internal hard drive, $84.99 after rebate

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TigerDirect has the Western Digital Red 2TB Internal Hard Drive $84.99 after rebate, with one key being this drive is NAS optimized.

The drive, which can be found here, shows a normal $139.99 price, with a price cut to $109.99 and a $25 mail-in rebate that expires on Oct. 18, good for another $25 off. That brings the price down to $84.99. No free shipping on this deal, but shipping is only $4.96. TigerDirect charges sales tax in Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, North Carolina, South Dakota, and Texas.

That same drive, for comparison's sake, is selling for $100.68 at

Western Digital says that this particular drive has been NAS-optimized so that users can install it in the empty bay of a NAS unit, such as a Synology DiskStation , and use it. It is a bare drive, to be clear, and not a NAS in and of itself.

What exactly is NAS-optimization? Looking specifically at Western Digital, the company has many different series of hard drives in its lineup. The Green series is, as its name implies, is sort of an environmental series, with reduced heat and power consumption. None of WD's other consumer drives -- those without specific mention of NAS-optimization -- are recommended for use 24/7, which would be the normal expectation for a NAS drive.

There are, of course, enterprise drives that will fill this market segment, but at a cost. As homes embrace networks and NAS devices, the move to a consumer drive that could meet these requirements could be seen as an untapped market. The WD Red series is such a drive.

These additional features include:

NASware: According to WD, NASware improves improves NAS storage by reducing common hard drive concerns in NAS systems including compatibility, integration, ability to upgrade, reliability and cost of ownership.

Better vibration tolerance. After all, NAS systems often place a number of drives in close proximity to each other, leading to a lot of vibration, which could damage standard drives.

Longer warranties (three years on this drive).

SMART Command Transport Error Recovery Control (SCT ERC) time limit reduced for NAS optimization, to prevent possible connection loss and rebuild. It it is essential that the SCT ERC number be set to a duration shorter than what the NAS OS would wait for before deciding that the drive is bricked.

HDD vendors provide typically provide higher Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) ratings for their enterprise drives, and this would be something that should be expected for a NAS-optimized drive, as well.