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Manatees 'invade' Fort Lauderdale Beach [VIDEO]

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Fort Lauderdale Beach was home to more than the typical beach-goer and swimmer on Sunday when a group of manatees decided to cavorted and play in its shallow waters.

Manatees are also sometimes called sea cows. A video of the manatee visit was caught and posted to YouTube. The six-and-a-half minute video shows five or six of the beasts swimming up to the beach, which was crowded and full of gawking visitors.

At first it was thought the manatees were going through some sort of mating ritual, but later, it seemed more likely that the manatees were a mother and some number of pups, who were competing for nursing access.

Florida is the home to the West Indian manatee, which is approximately 2.7–3.5 m (8.9–11 ft) long and weighs from 200–600 kg (440–1,300 lb). Females are generally larger than males. The largest individual manatee on record weighed 1,655 kg (3,650 lb) and measured 4.6 m (15 ft) long. The West Indian manatee's color is gray or brown.

Watch the video below.

Image Source Wikimedia Commons

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