Mega Millions pops above $50M as no luck on Friday the 13th; 4/13/2012 Winning Numbers

No good luck for any Mega Millions ticket holder, as ulti-state lottery jackpot continues to rise, and faster than would be normal based on past history, with no winners in the Friday the 13th, April 13, 2012 drawing and the next drawing on Tuesday, April 17, 2012 having an annuity value of $53 million and a cash value of $38 million.

That could be a good drawing for someone. April 17, 2012 is Tax Day this year.

The winning numbers were 9-14-17-36-42 with a Mega Ball of 33. You can find a list of winners in all of the Mega Millions prize tiers in the table below.

MB represents the Mega Ball.

Winners Prize
5-of-5 + MB 0 $42 Million
5-of-5 6 $250,000
4-of-5 + MB 38 $10,000
4-of-5 1,982 $150
3-of-5 + MB 1,834 $150
2-of-5 + MB 30,362 $10
3-of-5 92,721 $7
1-of-5 + MB 182.308 $3
0-of-5 + MB 331,772 $2

In the second place Match 5 + 0, with a $250,000 prize, there were six winners: Arkansas (1), California (1), Delaware (1), Illinois (1), Michigan (1) and New York (1).

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons


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