Mob Wives: Chicago: 'You Can't Handle the Truce'

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Mob Wives: Chicago is an American reality show, and a spin-off of VH1's Mob Wives, which is based in New York City.

Mob Wives: Chicago features a new cast based and is based in Chicago, Illinois (no, seriously). The series debuted on Sunday, June 10, 2012 at 8/7c on VH1. Notably, the Chicago version has much less current mob ties.

The cast is as follows:

Nora Schweihs: the daughter of the late Frank "The German" Schweihs.
Renee Fecarotta Russo: raised by "Big John" Fecarotta, she is also his niece.
Pia Rizza: the daughter of Vincent Rizza, who worked for the "Mob", testified against the "Mob" and then entered the Federal Witness Protection Program.
Christina Scoleri: is the daughter of Raymond Janek, a one-time thief and fence for the "Mob."
Leah DeSimone: the daughter of Wolf Desimone, a supposed "associate" of the "Mob."

Episode Three, or "You Can't Handle the Truce" follows the fight between Christina and Pia, and the pair declares their friendship over. Christina and Leah meet for brunch, and Christina commiserates with Leah about her meeting with Pia.

Meanwhile, Nora and Pia are commiserating, talking smack about Christina. There is such symmetry at Mob Wives: Chicago.

Renee and Pia haven't connected yet, but since Renee is such good friends with Nora, Pia makes an attempt. Viewers learn that she co-owns Eye Candy Optical, which is a high-end optical store, with her boyfriend Dave Giangrande. Renee admits that working - and living with - Dave while in custody battle she is in her for her ten-year-old, Isabella has put a major strain on their relationship.

Pia walks into Eye Candy Optical with her daughter Bella, and it's obvious Renee should not play poker. Pia invites Renee to lunch and but it's also obvious Pia should not play poker either, as if she can't pick up on the cues involved, she couldn't pick up on a poker bluff, either.

Worse still, apparently Dave and Pia are old friends. It's unclear what, but they seem to have some history. Renee immediately assumes the history involves sex.

Later, Renee meets up with Leah and Christina, and tells them about Pia's somewhat arrogant appearance at Eye Candy. Christina theorizes that Pia is lonely, desperate for friends, and wants to win over Renee. Renee tells them “I’m not here to judge [Pia], but come on. Pia’s a stripper. How do you feel good about yourself?” She also adds in her belief that Dave and Pia had a little “zada zing” going on, but Leah gives Pia the benefit of the doubt.

Renee confronts Dave about his connection to Pia, saying “If he knows her from the [stripper] pole, we got some frickin’ problems.” He says he’s known Pia forever and she’s always been nice to him, adding that they’re just acquaintances. Renee doesn't fall for, er, refuses to believe that. She's already decided what the answers to all her questions will be; when she asks Dave if he's ever seen Pia strip, she accuses him of lying when he says "no."

Julie is visiting from Florida. She's Nora's best friend, and Nora invites Pia to come over and meet Julie. While Nora explains that she is going to do a memorial dinner on her father’s birthday, it seems she really wants a different answer: in her next breath, she asks Pia how she knows Dave.

Pia reveals that they were neighborhood friends. It sounds a lot like Dave's side of the story.

Nora, Julie, Pia, and Renee are having a luncheon to celebrate the life of Nora’s dad. However, Renee is conspicuously late. Naturally that pisses off Nora. However, when Renee arrives, she gets angry, too. She figures out that Julie is wearing a shirt that she loaned Nora months ago.

Nora continues to process her father's death by hosting a memorial luncheon for "The German," but it opens up wounds in her friendship with Renee when she is late. Renee and Pia meet up and Renee confronts her on the boyfriend situation, and things get ugly when insults go back and forth and Pia leaves. Christina, Leah, Pia and Nora meet up for a tension filled dinner but things are quickly resolved and friendships are put back in place.

Renee and Pia meet for lunch, and Renee, as you might assume, Renee accuses Pia of having either dated or slept with Dave. Once again, the story is that the two grew up as friends, and that's it. Renee doesn’t believe Pia, and Pia eventually storms out.

Leah meets Pia for drinks in hopes of creating a truce in the war between Pia and Christina. Eventually, Leah proposes that all four women meet for dinner to lay out all their issues on the table. And thus, we have Nora, Leah, Christina, and Pia meeting for drinks.

Leah was prepared - she slicked back her hair just in case of a brawl, but nothing like that ever happens. In fact, the episode ends with the group toasting and seeming to enjoy the evening together.

Next week, things return to normal. Nora and Renee have a fight at a sports bar.



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I'd never heard of this show until just now. I'm obviously not missing anything. It's more of the same "reality" tv that's taken over, throw a group of women together who don't really know each other outside of the show who might have a minor thing in common (sometimes it's just that they all have money or are married to money) and add alcohol and stage some drama. Boring and overdone.

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