New Justin Bieber Haircut Sets Up Stylist For Issues If Fans Dislike it

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Since there are millions (if not more) of teenage girls who might take an axe to you if you do it wrong, how would you like to be the barber who gave Justin Bieber a haircut?

Justin Bieber is, if you don't already know, the 16-year-old pop singing sensation who got his start on YouTube. He got a haircut today, and changed his looks to what is going to take his fans some getting used to.

It's significantly different. The image above was actually provided by @ThatLadyV (Vanessa Price), who is Justin Bieber's regular hairstylist. Indeed, she Tweeted the Justin Bieber haircut to the world.

So far the reaction on her Twitter feed has been good. One person said,

@ThatLadyV you are a genius anyone other hairdress ould have mucked it up @justinbieber looks soo hot you should be proud of your work :)

Another said,

@ThatLadyV Thank you so much. You make him sexier and sexier with each hair cut. My life, is now complete. 

Of course, the voting has only just begun. Undeniably, however, a Justin Bieber haircut is not going to cause his fans to desert him. It just might make Vanessa Price need to change her address or phone number, or both.

TMZ indicated that the shorn hair was collected, to be apparently used for charitable causes. TMZ said it obtained a "lock" of the hair and would be using that to raise money for "some animal charities."

The love for Justin Bieber is so great that after he lost the "Best New Artist" Grammy to relatively unknown Esperanza Spalding, some of his fans took to the "anyone can edit" pages of Wikipedia and defaced the Wikipedia page of Spalding. Now removed, the slurs were placed on Spalding's Wikipedia page shortly after her win.

"JUSTIN BIEBER DESERVED IT GO DIE IN A HOLE. WHO THE HECK ARE YOU ANYWAY?" was one of the edits to Spalding’s Wikipedia entry. Another "editor" changed Spalding’s middle name "Quesadilla" in the caption that accompanied her image on the site page.

Of course, while Bieber failed to take home a single Grammy Award, he did manage a different award. He won the MVP award at the 2011 NBA Celebrity All-Star game which was held last weekend. He won the award despite being on the losing West squad.

Bieber also had a new movie come out recently. Never Say Never is a 2011 3D documentary film centering on Justin Bieber. It was released on February 11, 2011. Interestingly, Never Say Never was the first G-rated film for MTV Films and Paramount Insurge.

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