New version of Apple TV to include Netflix streaming: sources

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Apple's Wednesday event is expected to include the announcement of a new Apple TV set-top box. That box will run $99, according to three anonymous sources, who also told Bloomberg that the new box will include video streaming from Netflix.

Apple event rumored to include iPod touch, nano, cloud iTunes

At the same time, Apple is expected to unleash a new iPod touch with a front-facing camera on the world, as well as perhaps a cloud-based iTunes and perhaps a new iPod nano version.

Netflix began as a DVD-rental-by-mail company. Later, it launched a video streaming service, and that service has become quite popular. It's seen its reach extended beyond computers where it first began to mobile devices such as the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, as well as dedicated set-top boxes like the $69 Roku and all the current gaming consoles (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii).

Netflix services begins at $8.99 for a monthly subscription, which includes streaming, but users can get a one month trial at the site.

On the news, Apple stock rose $244.15 in after hours trading, up $1.05. Meanwhile, Netflix stock rose $3.38 to $128.90 in extended trading.

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