Pat Robertson tells man to ignore wife's wishes, 'You're the boss'

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Some have accused the Republican Party of "waging a war on women," and still others have wondered if the party and its right wing constituents would like to return their families and wives back to the Dark Ages. Enter Pat Robertson, with his latest controversial statement.

The statement was made on the latest episode of Robertson's television show, The 700 Club. On it, Pat Robertson responded to a male viewer’s letter about his wife, who has been demanding that the couple give less in tithes to their church because of their precarious financial situation.

For those unaware, tithes are the money congregates donate from their income to their church.

Robertson's reply to his viewer, which sounded a lot like something you might hear on a TV show from the 50's, was:

“You know big man, you are the boss. I know people don’t want to hear that, but you are the high priest of your family and you are the man of the house.

“Now if you’re taking her money and she’s earning it and you’re giving away her money, that’s a different matter. But assuming you’re the breadwinner, you want to give, that’s between you.”

In other words, if he is bringing in the money, then it is his decision to make. It is unclear what should happen if both the husband and wife are earning money, and combining them into one account. It also definitely eschews community property laws in many states.

In addition, Robertson said: “You need to push forward and your wife will come along. But if you’re vacillating and she pulls you back, you’re not much of a leader. You’re supposed to be a leader, you supposed to be the high priest. You supposed to intercede for your family before the Lord. And, as they say, ‘Man up.’”

It's not the first time that Robertson has said a viewer should continue to tithe despite financial hardship. In October of 2011, Robertson was asked the following from, then, a woman name Melissa: "Our family is struggling financially. We cannot pay our mortgage and now it’s getting to the point to where our tithe to our church is taking away from paying our bills”

To that, Robertson said, “The bible says, will a man rob God. If you really want a blessing, be faithful with your tithe.”

Watch the newest video from The 700 Club, from April 9, 2012.


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