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Phelps and Westboro Baptist Church Applaud Tucson Shootings, Plan Funeral Pickets

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Fred Phelps, the head pastor of the Westboro Baptist Church, has announced that God "appointed" the Tucson shooter to "avenge himself on this evil nation."

Jared Lee Loughner, 22, is the alleged Tucson shooter who wounded 18, including Rep. Gabrielle "Gabby" Giffords, and killed six, at a political event near a Tucson Safeway store. Among those dead were a Giffords' aide, a nine-year-old girl, Christina Taylor Green, and a federal judge, John Roll.

Fred Phelps and his church have picketed, or attempted to picket, several military funerals, saying that the military deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan are the result of God's vengeance over what he says is the tolerance that America shows the LGBT community.

Their latest high-priority pickets will take place at the funerals of the Tucson shooting victims. In particular, they will target the the funeral of Christina Taylor Greene, the aforementioned 9-year-old.

Additionally, in a YouTube video (below), Phelps applauds the killings. He says, "Thank God for the violent shooter, one of Your soldier heroes in Tucson. God appointed the Afghanistan veteran to avenge himself on this evil nation. However many are dead, Westboro will picket their funerals."

One clarification is that so far, it's been reported that Jared Lee Loughner was rejected from military service. This was said in a direct statement from the Pentagon.

Watch Phelps' statement below.

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