School Warning: Manhattan student wins bet as he makes out with his teacher [VIDEO]

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High school senior Eric Arty’s friends paid up the loot from a wager about who was going to seduce their ‘hot’ global studies teacher Julie Warning first.

Eric Arty, 18, looks decidedly smug in the photo being handed a copy of the New York Post, the front cover of which allegedly features him and his global studies teacher Julie Warning locking lips, in full Technicolor.

No wonder. He got the teacher – and the cash. Turns out the seduction was not motivated by sentimental feelings but rather by male bravado – and the prospect of a $500 jackpot. Arty beat out his pals to win the loot as well as the affections of the glamorous teacher.

“It was a bet with a group of his friends,” said Andrew Cabrera, a student at Manhattan Theater Lab HS, where Warning worked until Tuesday, when she was reassigned to an administrative job. She has failed to appear for her desk duties as of this morning. The Department of Education Special Commissioner of Investigations said it will be investigating the case, as well as the teacher’s failure to appear for work today.

Cabrera said the bet was made three months into the school year with Arty and four other contenders. Arty was apparently the underdog in the race. “He would go after class and basically try to seduce her,’’ he said. “I don’t know if she knew [about the bet]. They were all trying to get with her. One of his friends flirted with her more than anyone — I thought he would be the one, but Eric came out of nowhere and got her.”

Other students claimed that Warning would get fed up with the teens’ come-ons and throw them out of class when they would get too bold, but clearly Arty had a special place in her heart. Maia Torruella, 16, confirms she had her suspicions for some time.

“This has probably been going on for a while now because the signs have been there,” she said. “The way they act together . . . When he walks into the room, her face lights up. And when he’s gone, she’s boring. You can tell he’s still on her mind. They’re always so nice to each other. He flirts with a lot of girls, sure, but Miss Warning, ohhhhh!”

Arty’s friends saluted him outside his Washington Heights apartment yesterday with copies of the Post and chanting, “Eric’s da’ man!”

The situation for Warning looks a bit different. Appointed to her $48,434 teaching position in October 2010, she did not have tenure and could be fired, but will not face any criminal charges, since Arty is not a minor. The young man will not face any disciplinary action and is expected to graduate as scheduled. One can only speculate the gusto with which that rite of passage will be celebrated with his friends, given his premature conquest.

Apparently, Julie Warning’s hotness quotient was a point of past contention. In March, 2011, a 10th-grader was suspended for making lewd comments and inappropriately touching her.

You can watch a video report below, which includes the video of the make-out session.

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