Staples Cyber Monday 2013 deal: 20 percent off anything, via eBay gift card deal


Giant office retailer Staples is seeing a 20 percent price cut on up to $150 worth of gift cards, via eBay.

The deal, available here, amounts to 20 percent off a $50 gift card, with a limit of three. That means customers pay $40 for a $50 gift card, up to $120 for $150 worth of gift cards.

The deal comes via eBay seller giftcardmall. As we always say when referencing eBay deals -- and as we warn -- a close look at the eBay vendor is always handy. You need to ensure that that seller has, not just a stellar reputation, but one over a number of deals.

In this case, the seller, giftcardmall, has 57357 feedback posts, with 99.4 percent positive feedback. The deal, which is, of course, Buy it Bow and not an auction, has seen over 8,000 gift cards sold in 24 hours (at the time of this writing). Considering the sheer number of deals, this is a golden deal, as there is no way, with that many transactions, to satisfy everyone.

Notably, giftcardmall's last "big deal" was one for 20 percent off of iTunes gift cards. It was sold in the same way, with a 20 percent discount on gift cards. Basically, it was identical, $40 paid for a $50 gift card.

Those wondering should know that you could, of course, take these Staples gift cards and use them to buy iTunes gift cards. However, Staples charges a $1.99 Secure Shipping Fee for each iTunes gift card purchase. The company says that "This covers trackable shipping through the US Post Office, to ensure safe arrival."

Here is the information on redemption of the cards:

Redemption Information

Redeemable in Staples U.S. retail stores or at

Terms & Conditions

PROTECT THIS CARD LIKE CASH! Instructions: This card may be used just like cash toward the purchase of merchandise and services at any Staples U.S. retail store; your receipt will show the remaining balance on the card. For balance, or if you have questions, call 1-888-609-6963 or visit Value can be added to this card at any Staples U.S. retail store. Terms and Conditions: Valid only if purchased from a Staples U.S. retail store, at staples.comĀ® or from an authorized reseller or distributor, or received from an authorized distributor; Staples reserves the right to not honor cards obtained from unauthorized sellers, including Internet auction sites. Card has no value until activated. Lost, stolen or damaged cards replaced only with valid proof of purchase to extent of remaining card balance. May be used only in Staples U.S. retail stores or at Cannot be used for credit card payments or to purchase other gift cards (including Staples Gift Cards) or wireless cards. Not redeemable for cash or credit except where required by law. No more than five cards may be used for any single purchase. Cards may not be consolidated. Card issued by Staples Value, LLC.