Teens play 'subway chicken,' draw MTA anger [VIDEO]

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A YouTube video of a group of teenagers playing chicken with an approaching subway train has drawn anger and condemnation by New York’s transport authority, MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority).

The video was reportedly filmed by a passenger's iPhone. It shows the teens jumping onto the tracks, and soon thereafter, a train's lights can be seen oncoming. No one was injured, however one teen can be seen scrambling back onto the platform less than 10 seconds before the train pulled in.

The MTA made the following statement on Tuesday:

“Playing on or near subway tracks is one of the most dangerous things anyone can do, and while you can’t outlaw stupidity you have to remember that 146 people were struck by subway trains last year and 47 of them died as a result.

"The individuals depicted in this video should be taken into custody and then they should have their heads examined.”

Notably, it's not just about possibly injury to the teens. The person who took the video spoke to the media, saying:

"They could have killed more people on the subway, should the train have to stop suddenly, or the people on the train could get hurt. They're putting everyone at risk."

Naturally, however, this requires some degree of common sense and thinking, something teens are not known for (as well as the fact they lack much life experience). Teens often feel they are invulnerable. All it takes is one slip, however, and things like this could be tragic.

The MTA has passed the video on to police for an investigation.

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