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Michael Santo's picture is offering a great deal on a 128GB Flash Drive, $14.99 after rebate, or rather a series of rebates (two).

More than just two rebates, though, there are other caveats to the deal, however. The deal, which can be found at TigerDirect's website, here, involves a couple of rebates and activation of a security product. It sounds involved but many have successfully activated the product, Total Defense Premium Internet Security.

Rebate information can be found here. One rebate is a typical $10 rebate. The second rebate, of $60, includes installation and activation of Total Defense Premium Internet Security.

The first ($10) rebate expires on Sept. 15. The second rebate expires on Sept. 30, but nonetheless,to get the full rebate and the $14.99 price, you only have until Sept. 15.

Here's how Tigerdirect describes the flash drive:

"PNY Attache 128GB Flash Drive

Access all media files even on the go with the PNY Attache Flash Drive. This portable storage device offers a 128GB storage capacity, enabling you save lots of media files. And with its USB 2.0 interface, it connects easily to your PC. Grab the PNY Attache Flash Drive today!"

Users have successfully activated the security product so it should prove harmless, although we cannot comment on what will occur if you attempt to install it on a computer that already has a product running. The product can be unisntalled at any time.

Notably, the PNY Attache 128GB Flash Drive does have the highest capacity currently going for flash drives, 128GB. However, it is using the USB 2.0 standard, which is still very popular, but which is no longer state of the art, given the introduction and adoption of the USB 3.0 standard.

USB 2.0 has a maximum signaling rate of 480 Mbit/s with effective throughput up to 35 MB/s or 280 Mbit/s). USB 3.0, on the other hand, has a signalling speed of 5 Gbit/s and a usable data rate of up to 4 Gbit/s.

A new standard, USB 3.1, was announced in July. The new specification introduces a faster transfer mode called "SuperSpeed USB 10 Gbps," and increases the signalling rate to 10 Gbit/s, double that of USB 3.0.

That will make the USB standard more competitive with Apple's Thunderbolt I/O.