Two more days maximum: Refurbished Nexus 10 tablet nearly 50 percent off

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Nexus 10

If you are still waiting for a new (2013) Nexus 10 tablet to emerge from Google, this deal may just sway you into buying the 2012 version now (one per buyer).

woot (specifically techwoot) has a deal on the 2012 version of the Nexus 10 tablet for only $279. This is a refurbished model, however, to be clear. Still, the price is $220 less than buying it new, as this is the 32GB model, normally priced at $499 new on Google's Play Store.

The device is a 2012 model, as we said, but it still comes with a stunning 10.1-inch 2,560 x 1,600 touchscreen, which surpasses the resolution on Apple's iPad with Retina display (any of them). While pure resolution is better, to be honest, as it is year old technology the device is lacking in other areas.

It is 0.3-inches thick and weighs 1.3 pounds, and comes with a ARM A15-Core CPU w/ a Mali GPU, as well as 2GB RAM. It has a 5MP rear-facing camera and a 1.9MP front facing camera for web chats. Typical of most mobile devices, it has an accelerometer, compass, ambient light sensor, gyroscope, barometer, GPS; NFC; 802.11n dual-band. The Nexus 10 (2012) was never released with cellular support, and is WiFi-only.

It comes with multi-user support (included in the most recent versions of Android); Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS pre-installed (but upgradeable to Android 4.3 and -- reportedly -- Android 4.4 KitKat is rolling out). As a stock Android device, the Nexus 10 will continue to receive the latest Android versions prior to other devices, at least until Google deems it unable to run the upgrade properly.

Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii is not available for this item. A physical address is required for delivery, and no Military or PO Box shipments are available. The Nexus 10 (2012) will ship from woot in 3 - 5 business days. This deal is only good for two more days (at the time of this writing) or until the item is sold out.

Google recently released a new Nexus 7 (built by Asus, as was the 2012 edition). It has upgraded specs, including a FHD screen. With the 2012 Nexus 10's screen already FHD, there's probably not going to be an upgrade there, but we'd expect a better processor and perhaps more RAM. Still, at close to half-off, it's hard to pass up this deal (about 45 percent off, specifically).