Joe Paterno Memorial Service: Entire Video and Highlights

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Four days after former Penn State coach Joe Paterno died at the age of 85 from lung cancer, a service --- called “A Memorial for Joe" ---- let those who knew him express their fondness for a man whose career may be overshadowed by the alleged criminal behavior of a former colleague and subordinate.

Video highlights of a number of the speeches are available. Below is the tribute video that was shown at the Joe Paterno Memorial Service. It was introduced by Kenny Jackson, who was the the first of 12 speakers after an opening invocation. Jackson said,

“He always deflected praise, never thought he was the show. Today, my teacher, you have no choice. Today we’re going to show you how much we love you.”

Jimmy Cefalo, a wide receiver for Paterno in the 1970s and who played for the Miami Dolphins of the NFL, said, “He took the sons of coal miners, and he took the sons of steel-mill workers and of farmers in rural Pennsylvania, with the idea that we would come together, and we would do it the right way, the Paterno way.”

Another tribute came from Phil Knight, who addressed the Jerry Sandusky scandal in his comments at the Joe Paterno memorial service. It is the Sandusky scandal that eventually led to Joe Paterno's firing, shortly after it became blockbuster news, and the week after Paterno won his 409th game to become Division I football's all-time winningest coach.

Phil Knight is a longtime Paterno friend and co-founder of Nike.

“It turns out he gave full disclosure to his superiors, information that went up the chain to the head of the campus police and the president of the school,” Knight said. “The matter was in the hands of a world-class university and a president with an outstanding national reputation. Whatever the details of the investigation are, this much is clear to me: if there is a villain in this tragedy, it lies in that investigation, not in Joe Paterno.”

Appropriately, son Jay Paterno had the final words. He spoke of Sunday, as Paterno lay dying. “On Sunday morning, I ... kissed him and whispered into his ear so only he could hear. I said, ‘Dad, you won. You did all you could do. You’ve done enough. We all love you. You won. You can go home now.’”

If you wish to watch the entire service, you can do so below. The Joe Paterno memorial service is embedded below, in five parts.

Part One:
Invocation by Father Matthew Laffey
Glee Club sings Alma Mater
Speaker: Kenny Jackson

Part Two:
VIDEO: "Have I Told You.."
Speaker: Todd Blackledge
Speaker: Lauren Perrotti
Speaker: Charlie Pittman
Speaker: Jeff Bast

Part Three:
VIDEO: "Father/Son"
Speaker: Susan Welch
Speaker: Phil Knight
Speaker: Jimmy Cefalo

Part Four:
VIDEO: "Joe's Voice"
Speaker: Speaker: Chris Marrone
Speaker: Michael Robinson
Speaker: Mike Mauti

Part Five:
VIDEO: "Aria"
Speaker: Jay Paterno
Performer: Kurtis Cleckner- Blue Band Trumpeter
Program Ends

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons


Submitted by hans wenger, PSU 76 (not verified) on
Dear Joe, From afar, all my grown life, you gave me the joy of witnessing good clean competition, wisdom with integrity, fealty and courage, and an over-arching joy of life. Now as you shed this mortal pale, I am overwhelmed; being able to see your amazing wife and children, and extended family -unbreakable - in this memorial service video. Jay, you said the words I wish I had been able to say when my dad passed 20 years ago. It was wonderful to at last be able to hear them; thank you. I will surely miss your dad. He was a marvelous person!

Submitted by No Name - Just ... (not verified) on
I was always a big fan of Jo Pa growing up, always heard of his leadership and generosity. The memorial service was a flood of evidence that everything I heard was indeed true. Watching this memorial - in the middle of my work day - everything stopped for me. I was humbled beyond belief, a puddle on the floor. THIS WAS THE MOST INSPIRING TWO HOURS OF PROGRAMMING I'VE EVER SEEN ON TV. I left energized. Jo Pa became my teacher through others stories and the reverence in the room. With all of the junk that's on TV this should be shown over and over again to our teachers our political leaders, moms and dads and kids. Everyone can benefit from watching this service. To the Paterno Family, your husband's death has become his greatest achievement because it makes all of us not take for granted his greatness. I am no longer the same person. Jo Pa has challenged me into his experiment and I am honored to do so. God Bless.

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